For 2015 I propose you a program renewed by conferences bound for associations, clubs of photos and the school.


- Program -


The photography at the dawn of the XXIth century.

Current situation and perspectives.

Price : 145 €

You said photography?

A history Photography of its revelation in the era of Internet.

Price : 145 €

The analysis of image

Whom is that an analysis of image? What is its interest? Methodology. Analysis of your images.

Price: 145 €

The Japanese photography of 1945 in our days

The Japanese photography possesses a history so rich as our. I you propose a journey in this history of 1945

in our days through works of several photographers among whom

(Ikko Narahara, Shomeï Tomatsu, Nobuyoshi Araki,etc...).

Pice: 145 €

photographie de Ludovic Amiot